Nomad Internet Launches Wi-Fi Service for Travel, Home, and Office Use

Rural Americans now have a lightning-fast option for internet service, thanks to a new cutting-edge Wi-Fi service launched by Nomad Internet.

The new service will bring reliable primary and backup connections to people who traditionally are not served by internet service providers, such as rural homeowners, remote businesses, and travelers.

The service expands on the mission of Nomad Internet, which was launched in 2007 with the goal of bringing greater digital equality to all Americans.

“Our primary purpose is to serve rural residents, who have traditionally been left out of the digital revolution,” said Jessica Garza, co-founder of Nomad Internet. “Let’s face it, the modern world increasingly requires the internet. It’s not just for work. Now, everything from your refrigerator to your car to your TV is connected to the internet. It’s how we learn about the weather, how we talk to our loved ones, and how we spend our leisure time. The internet simply cannot be restricted to urban communities. These days, everyone deserves to be connected.”

Nomad Internet’s Wi-Fi service is powered by the company’s propriety connective technology, which includes a wireless mesh network that allows users to seamlessly connect to the internet in wide open and rural spaces. Powered by next-generation advances, the Wi-Fi service works like a roaming.

“Every year, we rely more and more on the interconnectivity of the internet. It’s not enough to provide users with a weak connection. If you’re going to make someone’s life easier and better, they need reliable, high-quality access to the internet,” Garza said. “That’s why we at Nomad Internet prioritize creating fast, secure connections for our customers. We want to bridge the digital divide that has separated urban and rural workers. With our premium Wi-Fi service, our customers can be sure that they’ll have a high-speed connection they can rely on, no matter where they are.”

Nomad Internet’s Wi-Fi service can function as a primary or backup source of internet access, she added. For customers who use wired connections at home or at the office, Nomad Internet can provide a reliable backup in case their system goes down. However, thanks to its rapid download and upload speeds, the Wi-Fi service is equally able to function as a primary source of internet.

The versatility of the Wi-Fi service makes it functional for both domestic and commercial usage, allowing both businesses and families the opportunity to connect to the internet through a reliable, high-speed access point.

But it’s also practical for travelers. Vacationers and retirees who enjoy taking in the American landscape through the window of an RV, or campers who want to experience the wonder of America’s vast natural environment, can partake in their passion without the fear of being cut off from the world.

The widespread availability of Nomad Internet’s Wi-Fi service allows digital nomads to work remotely even in the most far-flung locations and can provide a vital lifeline for campers or vacationers who run into trouble in unfamiliar locations.

Nomad Internet first began in 2007 by providing internet access to homes and businesses in rural Texas. Since then, it has continued to expand its operations and upgrade its technology with the goal of making the Internet easily accessible for everyone in the country, no matter where it might be.