Unique Mobile App Ideas: Solving Problems and Making Money in a Crowded Market

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives. They have taken different roles and are helping us earn, get better, communicate, interact, entertain, educate, and so much more.

If you are thinking that the buck stops here, think again. Nobody knew that apps like Uber, Instagram, Tinder, etc., would take over the global stage. It’s true that there’s no guarantee about an app’s success when it’s under development. Still, there are some unique mobile app ideas that have a higher potential of going to the moon…

Here are some unique app ideas that are worthy of giving a shot and can help you make money.

Unique Mobile App Ideas for 2024 and Beyond

On-Demand Mobile App Ideas

These applications offer immediate access to services and products as needed. They are designed to connect users with service providers to facilitate bookings, deliver products, and create satisfactory experiences.

1. Smart Fridge Replenishment: These applications will allow users to connect with grocery delivery services and replenish the fridge’s items according to usage and expiry date. The backend of such applications must provide a robust system wherein the application tracks every item in the refrigerator and automatically orders new groceries.

This application idea is scalable when you have global partnerships with grocery suppliers and vendors.

2. Custom Cake Order: This application will connect the target audience with local bakeries for custom cake preparation and delivery. The users can select the designs on the application or upload ones of their liking for made-to-order cakes.

To scale the application and business, you can connect with local partners to increase the variety of cakes, specialties, etc.

3. On-demand Milk Delivery: Similar to on-demand grocery delivery, build a dedicated application for delivering milk as and when required. For this, the business owners must partner with local dairies and grocery stores to enable convenient subscriptions and allow customers to put in orders for milk. The scalability of the business depends on your capability to partner with local milk providers in different locations.

4. Rent a Skill: A rent-a-skill application is where individuals or companies rent out specific skills or expertise on a project-by-project basis. You can make money with an app like this one through a subscription or a commission model, wherein you charge the users to give them access to experts and a commission from the experts for connecting them to the customers.

Such applications can be built like an umbrella model where you provide all services under one platform or have a dedicated version. The dynamics of the application can depend on the market research, but such a model is scalable across the globe.

5. Hyperlocal Repair Service: This application connects users to handymen, but it focuses on a limited area. The reason being it will ensure that all the users can get access to the required professionals in a short span of time and that all the handymen get work.

You can improve the application’s functioning by allowing users to upload photos of the job along with detailed descriptions to let the handymen know what they are getting into.

Unique Mobile App Ideas Using Advanced Technologies

The utilization of advanced technologies is pivotal to build modern and innovative applications. These technologies enhance user experience, provide new functionalities, and improve customer experience through better efficiency.

1. Meal Planning App: This AI-based meal planning application analyzes users’ preferences, dietary needs, and healthcare concerns to create personalized meal plans.

These applications can be used to improve nutrition and reduce food waste as they can precisely recommend the quantities depending on the requirements. Since the target audience is not limited to a single region or market, it’s an app that you can scale globally with the right approach.

2. Home Security and Surveillance App: Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) monitor connected devices to continuously surveillance security threats, leaks, and unusual activity. These smart devices provide peace of mind and deter break-ins.

Security is one of the major concerns of every residential and commercial establishment. Integrating smartness into this security system will help you capitalize on one of the best app ideas for 2024 and make money.

3. Hyperlocal Traffic Prediction: This app is about leveraging AI and real-time traffic data to predict congestion. Using this information, the users will get suggestions on the optimal route for commuting.

The AI will base its predictions on existing data and historical analysis of the local locations corresponding with the traffic conditions throughout the day. The target audience will get interactive recommendations on choosing the best route, which will save their time.

Since traffic congestion is a growing issue in many cities, a hyperlocal traffic prediction application is set to gain a huge fanbase.

4. AI-Based Mental Health Assistant: An AI-powered conversational support system within an application that tracks the user’s mood. An app like this provides personalized mental health resources.

These applications offer readily available support to users, helping them to improve from mild mental health concerns. However, you will want to go through the compliance and medical guidelines before building a mental health assistant application.

5. Smart Pet Care Assistant: An AI and IoT-based application that provides much more than simple pet monitoring. Such an application will integrate with smart pet feeders, collars, and activity trackers to provide a holistic overview of the pet’s health and needs.

You can build the app to provide personalized recommendations and send real-time alerts for dispensing food and water. You can allow users to get AI-powered pet toys and integrate them with the application to build a virtual companionship environment for the pets.

Education and Productivity

Educational and productivity unique mobile app ideas aim to provide users with the right tools and features to help them study, learn, organize, and accomplish tasks efficiently.

1. Virtual Shopping Assistant: Virtual shopping assistant applications use the power of AI and computer vision to recommend clothing or products. They also consider the user’s preferences and budget while sharing suggestions adhering to the existing fashion trends.

Retailers with global connections are a source of success for these applications. Taking the goal of building global partnerships, business owners can scale the application to a global level.

2. VR Language Learning Application: Such applications integrate AI and VR technologies for immersive learning. As a result, users interact with virtual scenarios to learn a new language. AI provides personalized lessons to the users based on their level of understanding and provides real-time feedback on pronunciation and grammar.

Although such applications are already in use today, you must find a unique feature or function to make your application different from others. For instance, you can add a skill training VR simulation within the application or build AI-generated avatars of different nationalities to create a realistic learning environment for your users.

3. Book Exchange App: Another existing idea, a book exchange application, allows users to swap books with other bookworms. While the idea has been popular in a regional setting, it has not been scaled to a global level yet.

4. Virtual Study Groups: Virtual study groups create an online community for the users to help students connect from different time zones. Using this application, the users can connect and collaborate from across the globe.

You can make a winning application with this idea by unique features that enhance accessibility and collaboration. Take the experience forward with the help of advanced technologies and experience the benefit of global reach with this application.

Health and Wellness

Health has a new meaning today. While we have always focused on physical health, visible efforts are made to improve mental health and wellness. Hence, this seems to be the perfect time to build an application around this topic.

1. Food and Diet Recommendation: After a user shares health and personal information with the application, it will recommend the right food to eat. You can customize the application to suggest foods and diets based on health conditions, mood, events, etc.

This can become a great food companion for the target audience, helping them eat the best food for their liking and conditions. You can take this app idea to the global stage but with local partnerships.

2. Smart Sleep Tracker: An AI and IoT-enabled application that will track the user’s sleep cycle and patterns through wearable devices. So, you need to hire the top mobile app development company to build a solution that integrates with modern health-related devices.

After analyzing the sleep data, the application can recommend changes to improve sleep quality. It can also help the users identify sleep issues and challenges while sharing information on building better sleeping habits.

3. AR-based Fitness Tracker: Combining augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies, fitness tracker applications can provide real-time feedback and personalized coaching with AR overlays.

You can add a wide range of features and functions to this application, like step-by-step instructions and virtual coaching. Moreover, they offer seamless integration with wearables, which helps with real-time feedback and personalization.

4. Plant Buddy: A mobile application to help users of all experience levels to cultivate the best plants. The application will use technology to provide personalized plant care and recommendations on plant care.

The key is to make the application user-friendly for everyone and add features like plant identification, smart reminders, community support, etc. Since growing plants is a global hobby and great for Mother Nature, a well-executed application will certainly kick-off.

Sustainability and Community

1. EV Charging Station Finder: For this app, you will need to build a comprehensive database of EV charging stations. You can begin with a small area and keep on expanding by bringing in additional areas until you have global usage.

These applications will have geo-tracking and map features, but you can move forward by adding options for booking EV charging stations. The users can search for the charging stations according to their location and also leave reviews, which will give your users the power to create user-generated content.

2. Eco-friendly Products and Businesses: This application will allow your users to locate local stores that sell eco-friendly products and sustainable businesses. Scaling this application means allowing your users to buy products from these stores while sitting at home.

You must allow your users to search and filter stores and products based on their requirements. Moreover, add features to avail discounts and offers from while supporting the local eco-friendly stores.

3. Community Composting Network: To tackle the ever-growing issue of food waste, this application connects residents with local recycling and composting establishments. Moreover, you can also add a local peer-to-peer food sharing and exchange so it doesn’t go to waste.

The users can share locations for dropping food with each other or even learn about the nearby backyard composting bins. This will allow the target audience to adopt sustainable food usage and composting practices.

Entertainment and Gaming

Entertainment and gaming is as important to live a quality life as is eating healthy food and drinking pure water. Here are a few unique mobile app ideas in this category.

1. Immersive Travel Experiences: The app utilizes AR and VR technology to transport users from their homes to iconic places and landmarks worldwide. For this app to work, you need to include VR tours in your database of all the major attractions worldwide.

With AR overlays, the users can interact with the establishments and get a life-like feeling of being in that place. In addition to this, it allows users to create personalized travel itineraries through the application and helps them share their experiences.

2. AI-based Music Composition: This application will allow the target audience to compose original music with the help of AI. AI will help fast-track the process and work as a virtual composer for the users.

Boasting a user-friendly interface, this application can attract users of all experience levels and categories. The application will leverage AI to suggest chord progressions and generate rhythmic patterns.


These are 23 unique mobile app ideas leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, augmented reality, etc., to build user-friendly and future-ready applications. It’s true that one application idea will be capitalized on by several entrepreneurs and businesses to grab the largest share of the profit pie.

Combining advanced technologies with innovative work approaches, you will need a top mobile app development company to build user-centric applications. With the right ideas, the possibilities of building a future-ready application that can solve problems and print money for a business seem closer.

Do you also have some unique app ideas? Do share them here and let our readers decide whether they want an application like that or not?